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To be white and pure is to think of the world that is seen but heard through spiritual belief. Ask yourself if singing these lyrics how do I feel. Feeling the soul of each lyric is challenging, rewarding, self-discovering and driven by the singer’s emotion of love. E-book “Spiritual Thinking” is a starting point to understand what is white and pure as the world we see.

Content will be challenging to some who struggle with sexuality/love mixed with spiritual meaning. These lyrics are pure words taken from thinking person of today. The ability to think is a natural ability of all species in our universe. Faith is debatable, love is feelings and the spirit was given at the beginning of life.

White and Pure Lyrics website was produced for the values of Wax Eye Sports and Preforming Arts Trust in New Zealand. Have a read on http://wax-eye.co.nz/  Therefore each lyric, poem and e-book leased will denote monies to the Society from income gained. Could the singer of these lyrics help others with music that is white and pure.